Flightradar24 Findings


The flight I posted a few messages above diverted to SMF


This is very unusual something I’ve never seen before

It is descending down at a very rapid rate


This was from earlier UPS doesn’t really send 747s to DEN


EDIT aircraft that I was previously tracking is now disappeared from radar completely



It’s the holidays. Gotta send our big ones out to work


I wonder when Santa’s gonna show up again!


44%20AM I just can’t tell you how much i love the alsaka 737-800 and in the New Livery


34%20AM LAX- Las Vegas painted from Virgin America https://www.flightradar24.com/ASA1486/1eec4af8


Saw California One For southwest Landing into Las Vegas 20%20AM Was in a 737-700 in case you were wondering


Hey maybe put these findings into one post next time instead of many! Thanks!


it really dosen’t matter


19%20PM 737-max8


It clogs the thread broski


whatever !


Just next time maybe think about it:)


ok fine i just don’t think it looks good all together , Sorry


The California One picture above you is now heading to San Antonio Texas


Yes, I know I uploaded a lot of photos, but I did some virtual plane spotting for those who wanted to see some plane livery’s (from several different days)

Edit: I have lots more, I just did not upload due to the fact I did not want to upload the same livery twice


Runway Closure At Gatwick

All arriving flight have been put into various holding patterns around the area due to a drone in the vicinity
of the runway at Gatwick [EGKK]


Some flights are being diverted to Heathrow.