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Planes taking of and landing different side of runway due to lightning storms to the east.


The WOW Air A330s have been grounded some time due to major financial problems. Because they only have the A321s left, they are forced to make a stopover in Edmonton for refueling purposes, before continuing to LAX.


747 operating today’s ICN-LAX route
Usually an A380


That’s what I was thinking, that airline is slowly dying, eh?


You haven’t been keeping up with the news.


I recently read about this and totally forgot 🤦‍♂️


Nice SR20


Plus AirTran doesn’t exist anymore…


(It was rhetorical, I know they are failing, just didn’t know they grounded the A330s mate)
Anyways back on topic


Just making sure.


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Had turn back 2.5 hrs into the flight medical emergency terrible delays for the passengers tought they would have cancelled it for the night




This Hawaiian A330 seems to be a bit off course for an OGG to SEA flight. Maybe something happened and they were considering landing at SFO…


This EVA B777-300ER bound for LAX flew supersonic:


Not surprising considering that is from my experience looking on windy around where the most heavy high altitude winds occur.



How far can ATRs fly?


2000 Nautical miles


Wrong airport buddy…