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Chargers won, and it’s not nessarly between fuel, landing fees, bad view, if you’re a big fan probably makes more sense to actually go


Yeah you’re right maybe he wanted extra flying hours too!


Ya, I mean he got like 2-3 of them, and honestly if you arnt a die hard fan, flying around maby listning to it on the radio taking some pictures isnt a half bad gig if you have an afternoon…


That’s not the last British 747, is it?! 😱


Of course not


What is the Air Canada jetz branch, I have seen it before but never knew what it actually did, is it similar to AC jazz?


Severe thunder storms causing delays in NZAA part 2


Anyone in Christchurch you have a special treat coming your way…


Pretty unique to see the 773 United in Christchurch, although there are some heavies from Singapore, Emirates and China Southern coming to the airport.


Yeah it’s gonna be cool to see if anyone gets footage of it


Sister flights arriving within minutes of eachother!


Go Rams! They usually get the B764


This is unusual anyone know why this plane was over here is this a new Qantas flight


Yup it is they always do that


Yep it’s normal! Just as @Helicopterzzz said. After they retired their 747’s, Qantas started flying their dreamliners between Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and New York via Los Angeles


Thanks I didn’t know that!


No problem


Chromebook squad


Sister flights

Southwest and United coming into KSJC from KDEN