Flightradar24 Findings


probably weather


And anyways, FR24 has its moments so that’s probably why


I LOVE FR24 its my favorite flight tracker


I use it always when I’m planespotting at KLAX and KSNA


I don’t like using Flightradar24 when planespotting as it ruins the surprise.


The reason why I do it is so I can take a screenshot of the registration so when I post on Instagram, I remember.


Its not a detour at all


he’s actually not. see, the earth is 3D and the map is 2D, so it appears that the aircraft is going off the earth when it’s really the map’s inability to translate 3D earth to a 2D map.


This beautiful aircraft from NZAA-KORD




He overslept and didn’t wake up for the descent 😂

we’ve all been there

Edit: or not


Nah somethings wrong with the plane it’s 1 hr from Luxembourg Edit they are actually bringing in horses it’s rare to see cargolux there tough


Um you ok bud


What is he doing!!


Someone’s been watching the Steelers game… 😂


Same bro. Personally its my tool for planespotting so I know if its worth it to go to the airport or just stay home LOL.


1: Lucky me caught the oldest 747-400 final visit to LAX
2: Another Virgin America a320 heading to the paint shop

And yes I do pay for gold premium


landing on a runway. Normal taxi and departing on the gate!


Rip queen of the skies; British Airways 747-400 retirement with registration G-BNLP


Hey its free! who won i didint watch it all