Flightradar24 Findings


I know this is not flight radar 24 but i thought you guys might like this ! I am tracking my friends flight ! 49%20PM


I never mentioned anything about aircraft sliding around? 😂


Don’t worry, it’s just hovering. I guess it’s a new feature with the Airbus. Definitely normal


@Cbro4 I didnt Jean to click the reply to you🤦‍♂️


Another update on the flight to Vegas


Is your friends flight in a swa retro livery or just a older/heart livery?


it is the heart livery 737-800 shimatar is added


Beluga and an IL-96


That is a weird plane…


A find!


How? It’s been around for a while


Haven’t seen this before


Gold ol’ Am 770 doing evening traffic


The Los Angeles rams heading to Detroit


Yup and when it flew to Sydney was probably the first and last time we’ll see an Eva Air aircraft here.


Special Delivery!


ANA B787-8 on such a short flight.


That’s actually very normal! In Japan there is a high density for busy air routes(eg.HND-CTS,OKA-HND etc.),so carriers such as ANA and JAL use aircraft such as 777s and 787s on 1 hour flights. Around half of ANA’s 787 fleet is used for domestic flights.




@SimpleWaffles I know Naha is a popular destination for its beaches, but it is very cold now, I’ve been there when it is February.