Flightradar24 Findings


The reason for that is it came from somewhere in Europe and landed in Montreal, to connect to Toronto. My mum has flown that one before.


56%20AM Right now at Klas jetblue’s New york livery looks old


Cool finds at PHNL. SUPER excited to see fedex is starting up their holiday season 747s. I’ll be back to Memphis soon.


Since when has FedEx had 747s???


FedEx leases a couple of B747 for the busy holiday season. Usually these aircraft are leased from Atlas or Kalitta Air.


Yeah. Sorry. Forgot to put that in there.


HMMMM… FedEx leasing from DHL. Take that @Michael_Weinblatt!


Look at this dooods aircraft 😂


Hmm. That’s a pretty interesting plane lol.




Hey! More capacity, more money! 💰 📦


Photo: Is not mine, by Instagram post.
Looks like everyone is safe in this incident👌
Frontier flight has some engine problems over Vegas during its departure to Tampa. Landed safely and the passengers all got breakfast vouchers. I’d sure be hungry after an emergency landing…


were you on this aircaft ?


You ok man?


I was not on this aircraft. Just wanted to show this on the thread.


looks like that pilot didn’t learn how to draw in kindergarden


That picture is from CVG! Ray (guy who took the picture) is a rampie at CVG, too.


oh ok thanks


The reason planes do that on fr24 is because the pinpoint accuracy is not on point so on the ground the plane will slide all around.

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