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Sometimes Delta flies a 757 to Philly from JFK. (As @Joseph_Spinner said)

Also, I don’t know if they still do this but Delta flies (or flew) a 757 to EGLL from Philly.


@Pilotcorn09 I was seeing your reply

And I know why because when I went on a flight from Tijuana to Mazatlán on volaris there was a mountain es approach just like infinite flight so just before the airport the pilot did like 3 times around a mountain so I’m guessing to see how there going to do it


A go-around can happen for literally any reason


They cancelled that route (Along with service to Paris CDG) back in May due to poor load factors thanks to heavy competition with British Airways and American


Ok, but I do think it was the F-18s making it go around because there is no real high mountain there. I travel this route at least twice a year.


Former Aeromexico 737-700 flying for Southwest. It’s now it the Heart Livery with splits


They don’t. Most probably for maintenance.


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This aircraft was transporting either a sports team, band, or some other type of charter. Delta flights starting in -8 usually means a charter of some sort. Besides, a CRJ2 is the usual aircraft for this route, a B752 would not make any sense :)


I just remembered the Philadelphia Eagles played the New York Giants, so it was probably their charter flight to New York!


An A350 taking a drive down Lincoln Blvd.


Look who is stopping by KSJC 😃


I use flighttrader24 to spot planes its a great app


Another Test flight probably after maintenance


Why does everyone have a super old version of FR24?


With the newer version, there are ads and there is a subscription required. That does not happen with the older version. I don’t know for sure, but I think I am right


Seems to be flying really close to Groom Lake (Area 51)
(Open image to view aircraft)


Some things I’ve found over the last couple days:


That second to last one seems very interesting


My mum’s flight :)


I wonder who the special guest is…