Flightradar24 Findings


Here she is! 😍😍😍


Singapore Airlines’ A350 World’s Longest Flight SQ22 Singapore to New York Newark SIN-EWR WSSS-KEWR en route.


Citilink A320 conducting some test flight


I don’t have a picture, but yesterday I saw an American 757-200 over Australia.


Go search up for the playback of the flight on FR24.


United 777-200 something is going on



Kenya airways! 😍


Nordwind Airlines 777-200ER on a visit to WIII tonight (Probably will do some maintenance or configuration) departed somewhere from Eastern Africa


Prime Air on Black Friday shipping!


When you try your best to stand out but you are exactly the same as everyone else:


Extreme thunderstorms causing delays at NZAA

Aircraft also being diverted


She’s heading to Melbourne now! πŸ˜ƒ

And somethings wrong with this VS 744. 😟


I got a slight glimpse of ZK-NNA when they had to go around because of traffic


A China Airlines A350 heading to an unknown destination.


Didn’t know that Seoul-Manila-Seoul was operates by an A380!


Medical emergency this morning landed safely into Dublin


Not something you see everyday - a 757 flying a 30 minute route!


Probably transporting a sports team or something like that.


@Dylan_M and @SimpleWaffles actually it’s a regularly scheduled flight, although in this case this is not the usual flight