Flightradar24 Findings


Austrian Airlines at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport?
As you can see below Austrian Airlines does not fly to Taipei, but why is there an Austrian B767 at Taipei?


Qantas getting their 8th B789 delivered to them.


Probably just a charter flight.


Turkish Airlines Cargo flight from Istanbul to Almaty, which then somehow flew to East Asia.
Almaty is in Kazakhstan, so that pilot needs to retake geography.


Looks like there was a diversion to KOAK


I never knew swoop flew outside of Canada!


I found a Korean Airlines 777 whose pilot took a rather interesting route and cruised at a very low altitude…


I hope this A321 takes off from RWY05 it will fly over my house lol


That ain’t low my friend 🤣


That kind of display is an anomaly in the ADS-B receiver they use. There are times when the timing is off on the reception of a signal, so you have multiple stations posting simultaneous positions, and FR24 are trying to reconcile. Clearly a 777 can’t do a less than hairpin turn :)

It is very funny stuff to see.


That is funny stuff. Nice catch.


Just landed in Dallas a few hours ago. prob headed to the MX shop…


Yup. They started service to Tampa and Orlando last month.


Air New Zealand’s first A321 making its first commercial flight to Brisbane


What the heck is this doing over NZ? 🤔


Almost taking off now


Yep i will try to take a photo of It lol


I’m going to try to hopefully better then my last (which was just a light).


Rip it’s didnt fly towards the south… hopefully you can get photo of it


I use Flightradar24 a lot. I have found:
A Singapore A380 flying to Mobile from Little Rock
A blocked drone (I looked up the registration)
A prisoner/illegal alien transport plane
And a 777-200 from New Orleans to Houston