Flightradar24 Findings


No it’s not a new service. United charter flights have a flight number between 2200 and 2900.


I wonder since when did Jet2 have an A330


Jet2 are leasing an A321 & A330 for the summer


Oh cool, that doesn’t surprise me as they are growing into one of the biggest low cost airliners in Europe


Found a DC-3!


The Qantas A380 new livery is at KLAX:


VH-ZNE start routes now, I saw someone saw they are doing 2x daily routes between MEL-BNE.


Why isn’t it squawking anything ?


Found a a330Refueler squawking 7700.


That aircraft is part of the fly past that happened today


Airbus’ newest plane! The A220!


I hate that airbus named it again


Air New Zealand ZK-OKI in ex Singapore Airlines 9V-SVL livery


Planes probably already been repainted to the NZA livery but FlightRadar doesn’t have a picture of it yet.


Nope it flew over my house in the striped Singapore Airlines livery a few days ago


Ah well, must be going in for a repaint soon. Don’t wanna be promoting another airline ahahha


Found the Boeing Dreamlifter.


Probably delivering 787 parts


Also just find this just out of Seattle.