Flightradar24 Findings


That is phoenix U15


Found a Janet 737-600 climbing out of Vagas! It’s probably going to the Area 51 Airport.


Just Another Non-Existent Terminal! 😉


Yes! Also remember: Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation! ;)


You in the wrong hood player.


Found an internet balloon.


Hmmm… Why are they over New Mexico?

I usually only see them over the Caribbean, South America, or Africa


Looks a little big for this flight…

Seems to have been coming from Tokyo, was there bad weather in Washington? Because there is another flight going to Baltimore on the ground at KPIT right now…


I go onto Flightradar24 to check in. As I am a Southwest Airlines fan, I see a Southwest aircraft flying pretty low so I assumed it just departed Baltimore for Islip or Albany. When I touched it to see it’s destination, I found that it is in a holding pattern just outside Philadelphia (KPHL). I find this to be pretty odd as the aircraft is rapidly descending. Does anyone know any information about WN788?imageimage


According to Southwest Airlines flight tracker, the flight has been cancelled. Most likely had an emergency happening onboard or a fault with the aircraft @Plane-Train-TV


Theres a big line of storms to the west that may have something to do with it.


I have guess that it had a aircraft problem. They are letting other flights continue west so I ruled out weather


Good point. I didnt see anything on their twitter of people complaining. Nice find.


Could someone maybe explain this to me better? Southwest doesn’t fly to Traverse City at all…


Probably a charter flight


Does southwest charter?


I’m guessing here…


I really have no idea either! I would assume charter


That’d be my guess because I was looking around to see if any airports around were a closed due to weather but found no delays.


Also says departs to Midway in 20 minutes…