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Just found this Honeywell Boeing 757 on heading to my local airport (WAHH). But Ain’t sure if they’re going to my local airport but , they flew on unusual airways on the North of this island

any idea?


Look what I found here;

I didn’t even know that they had this livery on the MAX. This is really awesome looking and it’s cool that I was able to catch on a delivery flight.


It’s a new one that’s to celebrate 100 years of Independence. So, you did indeed catch a very specially delivery 😊


Does Air India still have 747s?


Yes Sir, they actually do have some (2 or 3) left :)
So far i’ve spotted three different ones.


I thought they’d retired them.


Not all of them apparently, i’ve seen on en-route to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago or so… Which actually happens to be this exact one you spotted :)

VT-ESP & VT-ESO are the two i’m aware of still existing. Flies to Hyderabad, Cochin, Jeddah, Delhi and Mumbai.

They also use the 77W on their Jeddah - Mumbai - Hyderabad route as flight: AI966, which is the one you spotted.

And according to Wiki… they have 4 in service as of now but i’ve only seen 3 so far. The third one i saw once before, i haven’t seen in more than 2 months now and the forth one who knows where it is at?
But the other two flies daily on the Jeddah - Mumbai - Hyderabad route but also to Delhi, Mumbai and on a Cochin - Jeddah route as well.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_India
Air India 747-400 / VT-ESP
Air India 747-400 / VT-ESO


Just looked at Wiki…lol but thats not always reliable. And it was updated 3 months ago so things may have changed.


They might have not updated, maybe? At least AI has two in service.
And they are old, older than what LH and BA owns, AI’s are 24+ yrs old… Build all the way back in 1993/94.


@Air_New_Zealand08 and @MJL_aviation, you guys may also want to note that AI used one of their 747 on a flight from Oakland to Jeddah back in April this year, it was a one time only flight oddly enough…

And i also do believe that the Hyderabad - Jeddah route is in high demand due to Hajj the Islamic Pilgrimage… could be why they are still using the 747 on that route??

There are plans on retiring these two 747’s once they get two new 777’s to replace and the one you spotted were ground for 6-7 months back in 2016… so the AI 747 are to say goodbye soon.

And lastly, the two other 747’s that Wiki is listing were younger but they got retired back in 2015/16. VT-EVA was one of them…


Yea most airlines with 747’s are doing that.




Whats going on here
Also what aircraft is it.


Aeroflot 777-300ER test flight.
Looked the reg. up and found it on FA


Why retire the young one and not the older one? Weird lol


Huh I guess LOT use the 787-8 not this!?


With the 787 engine issues, yes they have to use that.


This is probably wet-leased to LOT.


@KPIT look what I found:


@Delta319 Yep, we got upgraded this time, we had a 757 last year…