Flightradar24 Findings


It had to divert due to the severe thunderstorms a tad bit ago… It’s usually JFK-LAX and back of on the LHR route


Ohh okay thank you. I was very confused because I’ve never seen an a330 at my airport before. Makes sense though. That also explains why there were 2 Jetblue a321s performing the same flight, which never do that flight usually.


An Embraer Lineage 1000 coming into LaGuardia behind a Lerjet


Man, it’s a good day for international aircraft spotting at Denver International today! I wish I could be there to see all these planes!



That, my friend, is a “glitch”.


No it’s not btw it’s a bioflight what ever that means


Oh. Never heard.
Maybe it’s a certification/test of some kind…


I think it’s google who are doing it


Probably doing fuel burn testings. Possibly trying out a biofuel like Joe said it might be.


@KPIT have you seen this one yet?


Yep, it was a 757 since 2011 I think, too bad I am not there to see it…

I tried to make it to see it once @Delta319 but I missed it 😒


I got a notification of a “squawk 7700” so I clicked “go to flight” but then a notification came up saying it was no longer on radar and I should view the playback. I wonder what happend?


It probably landed and turned its transponder off. Just sayin’…

Purely a guess


It landed. This happens all the time…nothing special


I guess Air Canada decides to use their 787 for this one hour flight from Toronto to my home airport in Hartford County. Normally they use the Dash-8 for this flight and I never get 787s at my airport.


think its having a bit of fun


Looks like they are Swooping into operations recently… 😂




They went into an area where there is no radar coverage, hence the dotted lines and weird flight paths. You can also see this over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.