Flightradar24 Findings


Daaang I never knew!


@Delta319 I wouldn’t act like you’re being sarcastic, it can actually offend people.


I wasn’t! I actually didn’t know that.
Sorry if you misread me.
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Can I just ask how can it offend people?


He misinterpreted me.


But how though? 🤔 .


Because in this day and age, just saying hello can offend someone. Let’s get back to those findings, though.


Flying normally over Syrian airspace in the middle of the Syrian Civil War … I do not understand these Lebanese and Syrian pilots :S


The Retro PSA a319:


Haha! In Google Maps she can be seen at IAH!


Found Airbus Beluga 1.


Found a MD-11F way pass Sydney airport. I don’t what is happening with the plane.


I think the pilot overslept his alarm.


No, he descended, but either went around or did a missed approach and was possibly diverting.


I’m pretty sure he just kept the transponder on between legs. I saw this flight myself.


This is interesting…
Not only is this flight only one hour long in the Dreamliner, but these 2 cities are in South America and as we all know, KLM is from Holland.


KLM operates various of those. For example, they fly AMS-EZE-SCL, AMS-TPE-MNL, AMS-BOG-CTG, and I believe AMS-JRO-DAR too.


KLM is the King of Triangle legs
(btw I see the CTG leg from my balcony) happy that someone recognized it


I think this was the peace summit in Singapore with US and DRPK


Found Tintin in my local airport!