Flightradar24 Findings


I consider the NEO and LR the same thing for now. I’m learning their differences


Just happen to spot this at KORD, about to takeoff.


A ton of traffic into Sydney right now!


10/10 best job tracking ever done! AMAZING! 👍

So many questions, I am assuming that FR24 has an erorr not that an E175 flew from pittsburgh to germany…


Most definitely an error!


Even though this is flight aware did anyone see this


P.S. please use FR24. Look at the title.


I know this just looked a little serious


quite a lot of things that I found today


Nice however the AirFrance one on the top is a scheduled route, KLAX-NTAA


The Singapore flights are as they are supposed to be, completely normal.
SQ has chosen to make a stop-over at Narita, Seoul and Shanghai, respectively on their way to LAX/SFO.

This is to broaden the market they use, make profit out of two market at the same time, 2 in 1 pretty much. This is pretty beneficial and they’re also doing to on their SIN-DME-ARN route, where they make a stop-over at Moscow on their way to Stockholm, to get a bonus on the way.

SQ by doing NRT-LAX & ICN-LAX, competes with other airliners in that market space, competing against other giants such as JAL, ANA, KOR & Asiana. This puts the airliner in a pretty sweet spot where they can grab the opportunity to make profit.


I don’t even know what to say about this


You just go with the flow on these😂


A screenshot of a SAS’ 320 en route from New York JFK to Santiago de los Caballeros few minutes after taking off from Venice LIPZ. What… No, wait a minute, FR24 are you drunk?!


Found the new Dreamliner near Japan!


That’s the 10,000th 737!


I found an Air Koyro plane from Singapore!


Mostly likely coming back from the US-NK Summit.


That’s not Air Koryo I don’t think. Pretty sure it’s a Korean government plane.


You’re probably right