Flightradar24 Findings


Not a bug. Just a reused registration.


Virgin 747 with beacon on at Long Beach.


But I think in his vid. He said that they were going to be retired in the near future so, I think he currently flies the B744. It’s almost identical so, it’s easy to change from one another tho.


Chinese presidential B747 currently flying from FNJ to SIN. Well did Xi lend Kim his private jet? (Wink)
And look at this flight path, avoiding all non-communist countries XD


But aren’t China and North Korea Communist?


I mean avoiding non-communist countries aka flying through only communist countries :)


China ain’t really Communist just Socialist. Economically free, politically not as much.

If they were avoiding non-communist nations they would struggle to fly over /land anywhere lol.




Yeah, that’s right…


Hehe I know where that Dreamliner came from…


American has maintenance done in Tulsa.


New atr feery flying to New Zealand.


Alaska SF Giants a321NEO:


Bloody young for a 767, there may be a 787-8 simialr age to this plane wow.


Yes. This was probably one of the last off the production line.


Just found Kim Jong Un’s Air China charter flight from Singapore to Pyongyang after the Trump-Un Summit in Singapore, June 12th 2018! Exciting find while also making history! 😁😁😁


Honestly saying, now I don’t know which one is carrying the supreme leader? Any guesses:

My guess is going to be with CA62


I reckon neither. They’ll both be decoys, like on the way to Singapore. Another aircraft with a destination somewhere en route and matching callsign will be the actual Air Force Un.


Let’s not forget about FedEx Express. They’re receiving tons of brand spanking new 767 freighters nowadays.


Just found this!