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If this flight did SIN - SFO and passed New York, then what’s the point of the A350ULR? (I know it’s a glitch)


Singapore Airlines wil fly the A350ULR to New York which is 6+ hour flight from San Fran. So the flight wil be about 19-20 hours.


I swear I saw this today, was surprised to see it here. It’s odd that it is here though and the ferry flights seem strange.


It was a joke. Plus, I wonder if it means Singapore will stop doing MAN-IAH and just SIN-IAH.


Lol if that existed that would be a life saver to excuse the I4 mess


A Delta 772 from CDG to SEA had diverted to KEF yesterday due to some mechanical problem. This must’ve been the rescue aircraft to save the stranded passengers.


Speedy Boi

Mach 0.87

Heading to test 350 at nzwn to see if it will be able to operate there


It’s a bad photo, I know. But while taxing out I was able to see the 777, cool sight and I guess I got lucky.


Wrong image, @Kevin_Potthast?

EDIT: Ah, didn’t catch the text at the bottom.


Here’s a betwe photo @Cbro4 still not great.


Oh wow, I still can’t think of a reason why it would be there…maybe what @Nathan said.


There was an oil leak which caused it to divert.


Oh ok. Makes sense, pray for those people in the cold.


This is a first:

I guess frequency is picking up.

And Icelandair has restarted there SFO-KEF after over 10 years since stopping it.


Its summer in Iceland so it’ll be like 20’C in the day and 13’C at night

Im on holiday in Iceland right now and even at 0600Z (daytime) its quite warm.


Year of Zayed livery spotted en route to Dubai.


Air Belgium’s inagural flight (ABB 581)

Weird how it’s leaving Charleroi and not Zaventem…


For everybody that knows FlyWithCaptainJoe:

He’s on its way back to Europe…


First flight from Zurich to Denver on Edelweiss!

Future of KDEN Tracking Thread

Warriors on their way to face the Cavs:

A JetBlue E190 appearing to have some problems and returning to KBOS: