Flightradar24 Findings


Wow worlds best team going on a 340, don’t they get there own Emarites plane?


At least it’s not a saab 340. Could be worse for them


MD Helicopters MD500 responding to a fire In the Burbank foothills.

Picture of fire


That doesn’t look good, though I see it all the time in Colorado. I hope they get that out. Wasn’t there a fire on the same cliff side last year as well?


Yep. California is the perfect place. Minus the earthquakes, fires, floods, and pollution. Otherwise, it’s great!




I saw the smoke over here where I live. I guess the Fire Season has begun in California and is gaining steam. Anyways, neat spot! I never seem to be able to find the water dropping aircraft on FlightRadar24.


I just randomly clicked on an aircraft and it turned out to be N8314L, an aircraft I photographed before! I uploaded the picture to JetPhotos and it’s in FR24!


Philly to Allentown? Interesting🤨


Icelandair announced January this year that they would start service to Kansas City (KMCI) on May 25, so yesterday I went up to the airport to watch the inaugural flight land! They even sent the Aurora Borealis plane for the first flight! I attached a video that I recorded of it landing.

Edit: Since the video didn’t work I uploaded 2 pictures instead.


Video doesn’t work, but cool find!


Aww that’s a shame that the video didn’t work, I’m happy that MCI is finally getting international business. Hopefully we get more international airlines.


Must be a charter…
Air Canada Jetz has done charters in the past.


Icelandair just resumed its second year of seasonal service a few days ago to Philly (KPHL) and they send the 737-MAX8 now. Can’t wait to see it one day.


Wasn’t the B757 on that route to PHL previously?


It is a charter… Air Canada Jetz is only for charters


Yes, I got to see that a few times


When the later scheduled flight leaves before you

Facepalms In regret


Really dont know whats going on at the sky above Rome right now.