Flightradar24 Findings


Found a group of Middle Eastern Airlines (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, etc.) Flying from Australia to their main hubs.


A321 neo ?


Yes. It’s been around for a while now, at least one year if I remember correctly.


Welcome back mate

Lucky passengers on last Hawaii 787 flight for a while. They will be returning on a 17 year old 340 👀😟.

This is due to RR issues 340 is leased to help out.

Fun fact : there flying over on air nz newest LH aircraft returning on oldest


I thought they didn’t do widebody’s maintenance at tulsa:)


That kinda looks like TUI:)


Must be not a busy flight or not much cargo

43,000 feet !

Got a strange flight number may be charter flight or other non normal service.


Descending fast enough? Lol.


Probably a glitch… you never know


Cockpit crew probably had a nap 😂


Was -4000fpm just after. It’s rough estimate.


You Irish people have good sense of humour don’t yah :).


The route must have a lot of demand.


I saw 3 planes doing same route in 10NM radius NZAA - NZCH they were all landing at Christchurch


Air NZ Dash 8 had gear issues


49 years old!!! That’s a lot!


I know that this is not FR24 but WTF?


It’s an error. Simple


Has Anyone caught the Antonov An-225 Mriya during its Flights?


A couple days ago it flew over New York en-route from Atlanta to somewhere in Canada (Halifax, Goose Bay, St. Johns or Gander). I accidentally deleted the screenshot