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Reverse SKORR departure
I guess during bad weather aircraft can use casual server tactics


I’ve wondered for a while now why airlines seem to not fly over southern Saudi Arabia. I tried searching for an answer, but I can’t seem to find one. If you look at the picture below, it would seem that taking a flight following the red line (that I drew) would be much faster, but it appears many of these flights go around Oman and Yemen instead of just cutting through.

Does anyone know why these airlines fly routes like such?

I didn’t know where else to ask this question, so this thread seems relevant.


I don’t think it is because of Saudi Arabia… it is shorter if you actually take that “turn”…
Just like when you go from Dubai to San Francisco, you go through the North Pole instead of crossing the Atlantic (you still crossing the Atlantic but you know what I mean) I think that’s why they fly that route.


Interesting, I never thought that would be a factor, maybe it’s just because of Earth’s curvature and the way it’s rendered on a map?


Oman and Yemen are not in great spots right now, but I would imagine then they could go north as well.


Yep it’s so funny in New Zealand every day flights use the same routes same paths. The second there is thunder storms once every few months they just fly all over the damn place completely off normal tracks.


Im pretty sure it is because of that…
If Saudi Arabia would be a hot spot to fly over we would know it, trust me.


I believe that it would involve flying over a disputed boundary. Just like flying over the Ukraine


Too far from an alternate airfield perhaps? It is nothing but desert out there, eg. The “Empty Quarter” the largest sand desert in the world is located in that area.


There are more A380s in this area than out of it


@Lucas_Dominguez I don’t think it’s because of Earth’s curvature.

  1. It is difficult to notice that in such a short distance flight.
  2. Even if that was the case, It’d curve upward not downward, since it’s the northern hemisphere.
  3. Checked a globe map in my room. Not the case.

Maybe it has to do with Yemen? I don’t know.


Bruh, everyone can see you filtered out everything except for the a380…


Yeah that’s the point facepalms


I’m nearly certain it isdue to no fly zones. Or it’s how the airways are structured.


I’ve never seen an Ilyushin 76 on Flightradar… awesome plane


Sofia is heading back to the US



Yeah I’m not sure due to new etops requirements but it hasn’t done a crazy route like this after them so far


Delivery flight for a American Airlines 737 MAX 8.


I totally forgot to post this about a week ago but I think it’s still worth it.