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VA454 seems like it may be the first plane to land after the storm


Brisbane open again?


Will Emirates come back??


i don’t think so they seem to be heading to sydney


I wonder. Sydney farther away… Brisbane seems to have calmed down.

EDIT: UAE435 seems to be turning back
EDIT#2: Just a glitch


(Click image to see it fully)
EK435 may head back to Brisbane but EK430 looks like it won’t be going back to Brisbane anytime soon. How will they get the passengers back to Brisbane? maybe after they go to Sydney they will do a flight back to Brisbane from Sydney. The aircraft for EK435 is heading on a flight to Dubia from Brisbane after the auckland flight but i don’t think that will be happening


Maybe partner airline. Qantas will help


Emirates won’t be too happy after Qantas switches their stopovers from Dubai to Singapore.


Your going the wrong way.


Lufthansa has secretly ordered a dash 8 and painted it in the new livery without telling us.

look in background begind the flybe dash 8

just kidding I think


It should be an ex-Brussels Airlines Dash 8-Q400 now flying for Flybe.


I know im just kidding.


it’s like TS1 out there


NZ army plane sending relief to Tonga hit by cat 5 storm


An RAAF C-17 also departed to deliver aid supplies.


Spotted this beauties First Transatlantic Flight! WOW it’s looks so nice 👌


I just found this today


I never knew they had this. 😕


And a rare sight For now.

2 A330-900s


I thought Qatar got rid of their A340s.