Flightradar24 Findings


This is strange, I’ve never seen an ATR Garuda at Perth Airport or in Australia.

EDIT; Glitch by FR24. Confirmed with FlightAware, in fact is a B738.


Old UPS livery


One of my oversea friends flew on a 767 today


The fastest transatlantic flight from NY to London is now 5 hours and 10 minutes when DY7014, the same flight to complete the previous record, reached a top speed just shy of 700kts. Is this real?


Yes. Yes it is. Quite recently set.


Miami air 737 in (tui livery) at EWR

My relatives prepare to go home on a 77W


No landings or takeoffs from Brisbane. Gusting over 40kts. They are just waiting it out.


a terrible storm in Brisbane. Someone i know is on QF544 and i just got a message saying he is estimated to have a delay for another 30 mins.


A few have diverted to the Gold Coast


My Dads Diverted to Gold Coast


Just wondering when these two Emirates will get on the ground. Been circling for a long time. Especially the 77L


it was supposed to land at 6:30 it is now 7:15


It’s climbing now. And going away from Brisbane


gold coast? sydney? I know gold coast can handle the 777-200 because scoot operated them out of gold coast


I’ve actually never seen this happen (in the last 7 years when I started become interested in this)


i have only seen it once before


The Emirates A380 won’t be landing at brisbane either i don’t think


Brisbane look as busy as Sydney now


alot of aircraft have climbed to above 25,000 feet


I wonder what the SIA A350 will do