Flightradar24 Findings



Could hear everything. Some pretty funny interactions between approach, tower and ground with the pilot and co-pilot. Just click the links I provided and you be able to listen to the recording.


I was actually watching 6abc (Local News Station) and saw the plane land live on TV. FlightRadar24 is pretty accurate.


Tower: “Brickyard 4663 Philly Tower winds 320 @ 13 gusts 18, runway 27R clear to land, caution wake turbulence [unknown] A330 and the World Champions”


well isn’t this an interesting reg


a330-200 RAF flight testing a shady looking flight out towards the desert ;) and the Janet flight 737-600 cool spots I thought



diverted to Guam

on its way to Manila from Los Angeles?


Luckily the flight should still arrive on time in Manila. Maybe even ahead of schedule. Amazing!


VasAvaiation made a video of the Eagles landing! :D


There are so many things wrong with this

P.S.- The vertical speed is -3600fpm


Yeah I was going to show that too.


MD87 crossing the Atlantic (probably…)


I don’t get it. Is it because Guam is directly between LA and Manila?


Yes it is, but it was an unscheduled diversion.


Wow! Never seen that before.


Same, I’ve absolutely never seen an airliner doing patterns.


Wow that’s an old livery 😂😂


PR113 is two scheduled flights, one is GUM-MNL and the other is LAX-GUM. No diversion, just a normal flight. Flightradar probably got confused between the two. They do MNL-LAX-GUM-MNL. But for some reason, when searching Los Angeles to Manila flights, it shows PR113 as a non stop flight. It looks like the sometimes do LAX-MNL via GUM, other times non stop. Even with the stop in GUM, the flight times are very similar.


What the hell a 787-9 From Madrid to London?


If I had to guess they are probably training pilots on that type of aircraft


Iberia uses an a346 sometimes so I’m not surprised