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I finally found it.


Same here.

It has a very 60s looking livery.


DHL (Tasman Cargo) went around at YSSY


Gotta love Jeremy Clarkson on the tail


Lol 😂😂😂


Saw two K35s refueling each other (or just around 100-500 feet between each other) and a E-3 on my ADS-B tracker. Should I be worried.

  • Nah, you’re fine.
  • Hit the bunker.
  • Wait and see…

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What the heck:


They are probably doing official test flight with the 787-10 :D


Watch your language plane! 😂


What on earth?


Due to headwinds, the plane had to divert during its flight.



An A330 operates that route though.


@Tom_Grollman flying back home😡😡
I hope you’re greeted by 20 degrees and snow instead of 70 degrees and sunshine


But they have been operating the A321NEO for the last few days there.
Though I still don’t understand how headwinds can divert an aircraft. If the aircraft can’t make it to the destination, they should use another aircraft!


That’s what I was thinking and I didn’t know they were using it now… but still even if it was diverting wouldn’t FR24 still show its final destination?


A lot of JetBlue Aircraft at JFK


Why are they useing it there?


Korean Air are operating 2 CS300


They did a few flight using the new A321neo to show how far it can go. It did a flight from KEF-LAX