Flightradar24 Findings


It is just looked it up on WOW airs website


Every WOW aircraft all bunched up except that one in LA.


I have the Gemini jets model it’s a A321 neo from Reykjavik.


The brand new Airbus A330NEO (No-Engine-Option) on final at Toulouse


Thats my name! DILLION




There is 2 of them. Can someone explain please


Because Easy Jet has not the amount of planes they want to station in Tegel, they are leasing them from 3rd companys.


I see that KSDF is a UPS hub


I was looking in FR24 and found this sexy lass! Such a gorgeous livery for the A320!!!


That is an escort plane for the new Boeing airliners.


Does anyone have a picture of it escorting anything.



n625VA inbound to JFK!! Wish I was headed there to see it!!


Dose American and United and some sure of partnership at ORD? I will have t find the screen shot, but I found a American crj 200 under a United Call sign.


I posted a FR24 already above of it :)


No, that’s a deal with SkyWest. Both airlines partner with SkyWest, who owns the CRJ-200’s. So the planes can be used interchangeably. There’s no difference but the livery.


Alaska A320 heading back to LA


Found a KLM Fokker 70 flying over Toronto. I think it’s headed to the boneyard :(


RIP fokker we will miss you.