Flightradar24 Findings


Just spotted this landing at ATL from my little hometown lol. We have a large international cargo intermodal center at KHSV. Heavies in and out on 18R/L daily.


Not a 787 for the pope?


The same plane my dad flew on last Monday is operating the flight he is on today


Is your dad a pilot??


Nah😂, hes just coming back from Albania today lol


Oh ok I wish him a safe trip. I have to go now I have school bye.


Guess not I got a FR24 notification about it that’s how I know.


Thanks, he had a great flight and he got upgraded to business class cause the flight was half full.


I knew the max was efficient but not this efficient I mean this is crazy…


It’s mango, the African version of easyjet. They even copied the colour!


Pretty much! 😂 …



Another Military (Private-like) Jet. This time a Learjet 35/C-21A.


Don’t know what he was doing so far east… Didn’t have enough time to catch much.

Callsign: DILLION1
Regsetration: 86-0374


Found some weird looking Cessna thing at LAS


They can handle up to 10 to 9 hrs Norwegian flys from Dublin to Fort Laurderdale in there 737 max 8’s


These are flights, to calibrate the ILS right? Saw them a few days ago at EDDL too.


Maryland one circling ISP, can’t land due to thunderstorms!


Does anyone know anything about this.


This is not a glitch this is happening for real:


I think thats a real route but don’t take that as something to believe fully.