Flightradar24 Findings


WooHoo! After 2 months, Air France A380 F-HPJE has just taken off, bound for CDG!😌


Found this on Flight radar today when I was looking at some of the air traffic around the California wildfires. As you can see it’s fkyibg back and forth at 60,000ft abd it’s call sign is NASA


It’s a U2 spy plane as it says. It has an amazing camera capable of giving high quality images from a high altitude. It’s probably helping to show where the fires going.


This CUTE guy is landing at LAX right now. Oh how I wish I could see it.


The Qantas flight that goes from KLAX to KJFK has turned south like it is diverted to KDFW


Return to PHX after the 2nd engine caught fire!


Think that might be the one that caught fire on Monday night?


I saw a 739 fly over my house on approach to my local airport. I realized it looked very high. I quickly opened FlightRadar24 and it was twice the altitude it should be at. I thought whatever, then a couple minutes later, I see it again. Checking FlightRadar24, I saw it went around 😂

That blue dot is my location (my house). Yes there was another aircraft flying by as I took that screenshot 😀


Lol just 2 thousand feet separation


That same aircraft was delayed by 5 hours or so on the previous flight. And 12 hours on the flight before that!


Air New Zealand turning back to Brisbane? Boy ANZ has been having a lot of problems recently.


Is this filter just for a laugh? 😑


Sometimes I see one Air Koryo aircraft flying to Beijing.


Not only Beijing - I think I’ve seen flights to Shanghai.


this 787 went around at Seattle… anyone know what’s going on? Could be a gear failure, etc


I was going to try to get a picture of this big boy when was taking off from KTUL, but alas I wasn’t able to.


Some nice warbirds I found earlier today. I wonder why the Sea Fury is flying around LA with all the fires, perhaps helping track the fires as it is a high performance aircraft.


I know… that’s what I meant…


I think they are providing Wi-Fi for the islands impacted my Irma


Lol, people may have lost their homes, but losing Wi-Fi is a big no-no XD