Flightradar24 Findings


Thats weird…


Just look at the name of the plane.


That’s just how WOW registers their planes. They’ve got TF-SIS, BRO, DAD, MOM, GAY, NOW, etc.


I know that lol, I mean the manufacturer. How fr24 spelled “airbus”


Ohh, haha! I’ve never seen that happen


Since when did Cessna make their 208 so sleek? Oh wait…


I love flying on Airbius planes.


I’m on one right now @Qantas737guy!

heading to KCID, track me on FR24 as UA1829, just started engines, heard the Gens switch xD


Looks to me as if 8500km is way out of the 737s range, Wikipedia says 6500 for the MAX8, but who knows. I see S7 do long haul 737 routes quite a bit and it’s fine.


Here comes the daily endless stream of inbound traffic to JFK!


Jet2 taking delivery of a new 737.


What our Devs Really do:


Gulfstream are putting the sixty-five million dollar G650 through its paces, coast to coast and back again, cruising at forty-nine thousand feet!


Wow that’s amazing! Didn’t think they could go that high. It thought 43 tousand was already a lot


Go around at JFK due to high winds currently!


Boeing 747-400 Supertanker!



19 hélicoptères! Nearly never see so many.

They’re all Bristow helicopters or Babcock.
And one from nordzee and one from scotia.


First B737 MAX8 for an African airline. This one is for Mauritania Airlines.


…and now American Airlines has their own 737 MAX.