Flightradar24 Findings


There used to be a plane cought in the satellite imagery next to my house. Unfortunately now it’s gone, but I found a new one not far away!


Wow, very cool. I’ve never seen one myself surprisingly enough. Those contrails look awesome.


And they continue for a very long distance. More than twice the screenshot



I found this


I would like to see IF get that busy! =D


haha…RIP servers…
but im sure the devs would be able to make servers handle that, especially with the money flooding in with that traffic :O


It has been that busy before on IF. The second week after Global Release. (Look on TS1/Expert between 2100-2300Z anyday)


True, however, it’s got quieter since. However, It will probably get busier as the game increases in popularity.


@Captain_Zen they are back or today I believe it’s just a tour company or maybe off shore drilling company as the helicopters they use are what drilling company’s usually have


Thanks. It looked weird the first time, but now it makes sense.


I think flight radar is gone crazy!

The five redish planes were supposed to land at Atlanta but it says they all turned left but still continued descending


Then there are these two passing very close to each other


Flightradar24 is drunk again…


Why? That looks fine to me.


It is an A321 not NEO


Exactly. It doesn’t say it’s a NEO… it all makes sense.


😂😂 Is that meant to be the joke 😂😂


Close pass