Flightradar24 Findings


Maybe to avoid those strong southerly winds on route


It actually never turned right !


Yeah it didn’t, the aircraft is now off FR radars so that is only the estimated position.


This is weird it’s was not on track to Norfolk Island where air Nz sometime operates


You should learn your left and right. Heading 256 is to the left so west


why dont we have realistic speed limits in IF?


What’s with all the helicopters??!!

10 of them!


Where is that!??1 It could be a search and rescue.


Off the coast of NC?


Formation flight in a Cessna?


It’s next to Rio de Janeiro


So near where that Submarine went down?


That makes sense now. Although they weren’t coast guards they were private helicopters


It’s actaualy an aero taxi company


It’s weird there were way more earlier on


Two of them still


Must have been some kind of rental or something will watch it tmrw and see if that happens like some kind of daily flight or something. If you ever wanna see like 10-15 helicopters look at like 9 am Vegas time and you can see so many helis heading to the Grand Canyon I went on a tour in a heli it was awesome


Sounds really nice going in the Grand Canyon in a helicopter


It’s awesome your cruising thru the canyons and flying around it. it was a great experience if you are ever in vegas


That punctuality tho. The pax onboard are going to be pleased.