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Aren’t planes going west supposed to be on an even number altitude?


lol a 737 on that route is interesting. Singapore to mumbai, which I believe is just a bit further than Hyderabad, is operated by an a380 and a350, and here we have a 737 XD. But that’s awesome u get that max at your airport, Goa still isnt getting those…only a320neo


Well if Norwegian flies their MAXes across the Atlantic why can’t Silk Air fly it to Mumbai! 😏


haha yea i know 737 do long hauls, just the difference between an a380 and a 737 lol


I called it the new Tigerair livery for a reason… it’s not like that’s a new Scoot livery.


Just because it’s the same tail registration doesn’t mean it’s the same plane…


Pretty sure that’s an A310…


Wish my flights would be this fast so I can get there faster.


No, it’s planes west going even and easy going odd. SWEVEN NEODD.


Weird… China Southern 737 M8 with the China Eastern logo above it… Anyways this plane is on its delivery flight

And, I thought Kalstar ceased operations?

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That’s what I said no…?
The plane is going west at fl310


Thats just a glitch FR24 does. If you tap on the map and then onto it again, it will show up correctly. That was probably the info for the China Southern next to it


Weird, I was looking at that earlier. I concluded that it was indeed a China Southern B38M.


Maybe you should learn your coordinates north, east south, west. East is to the right. West is to the left.


🤦🏻‍♂️ Sorry. I thought the plane was going East. Note to self: Don’t make posts right after you’ve just woken up. @Liam_Kirk the plane is going west, look closely. I made the same mistake cause all the planes were going east.


Qantas 744 sent into Bali to pick up all the stranded passengers? Odd flight number too. This would’ve been cool to see landing in Denpasar!
Edit: Just found that all Jetstar and Qantas flights in and out of Denpasar today and tomorrow were cancelled. I guess all passengers were transferred to this flight to lighten the load on the fleet after the past hectic week - they don’t want to be risking too many aircraft.

The only other QF7044 flight was yesterday from Denpasar to Perth on a 737, I assume to pick up other passengers. Anyone know why this 747 departed from Bali although a lot of other flights are still cancelled due to the conditions? So confusing.


Why this A320 so off route or is it’s different route??? To Norfolk Island???


Literally as I posted it turned its like pilot on ifc and realising he’s off course lol


Maybe a FR24 glitch? Seems really odd if that’s its location.