Flightradar24 Findings


Gulfstream are putting the sixty-five million dollar G650ER through its paces, coast to coast and back again, cruising at forty-nine thousand feet!


Haven’t seen one of these before on the radar.


Squawk 7700 and descending

Edit: diverted to Bournemouth. Hopefully all ok.


This isn’t necessarily Flightradar24, but apparently FedEx flies the 747-400…


Sun Country 737 coming into JFK from Norfolk Naval Air Station… 🤔


When was this? I cannot see him on my radar


Military charter im assuming?


Could it be operated by Kalitta Charters?


I don’t know what Kalitta Charters are!

Kalitta Air

Kalitta Air: Currently has 24 747’s and they lease some of them out to airlines while all of them arent needed.

Fedex is probably in a demand for bigger planes for the holiday season from KLAX into Fedex’s Hub


Not new… I realized that SunCountry has flown a few times to JFK. Definitely not daily though.


Wait wat…a US based airline that doesn’t fly often to JFK… :/


Yes! There are many airlines that find alternative options around that area to get the best profit for their company. If every U.S. airline flew to JFK, it would cause chaos. Unless you subtract all the international airlines.


FDX leased a 744 from Atlas.


I’m hype! American officially started their daily service between LGA and MIA with the 737 MAX 8.

My college is right next to LGA. Winds will be favoring runways 4 and 13, so I will either get to see it land or takeoff. Either way, I will come back and show you guys a photo of it. :)


Definitely a charter. The navy probably let someone fly out of Norfolk if the base wasn’t being used for anything at the time.


Finally caught the 737 MAX up close, in better light.


Beautiful picture! I was at Vaughn a few weeks ago for a tour and I have to say, it is a perfect place for an aviation enthusiast to attend college. (Control tower is my favorite part)


This is amazing:

The first Boeing 737MAX that’s coming to my home airport!!


Tigerair (Singapore) isn’t a thing anymore… It merged with Scoot some time ago

Btw @piloteerfrankie Nice catch! I wish I was there to see it!