Flightradar24 Findings


What? Has this always been flying over me?


NYPD Patrolling overhead the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC!


Sweet! An-124 flying to Paris.


17 Airbus planed flykng around!


Royal Air Force doing something down in South America.


Why is it leaving just now from the Dubai Airshow??!?


Ok, so I knew FlightRadar24 was a very good website, but I didn’t know it had an app. And when I was looking through the description of the app, I found that some of the features we’re absolutely amazing! Pointing your phone at a plane and finding out about it? I don’t know how effective it is yet, but at least I can stop staring at cruising Jets and thinking 'Is that…uh…quad-jet maybe?" and instead actually what and where it’s going lol. I’m definitely installing


Yeah! Its amazing!

Just a heads up - It wont show hidden/blocked aircraft


Oh ok, good to know 😀


What is the KLM Boeing doing?
What is the destination?


I don’t want to scare anyone but it looks like the plane might have a problem. Especially the 41000ft on a 45min flight!


I don’t want to scare anyone either, so I’ll say, I think FlightRadar24 messed up a bit! 😂


Looks like Cessna is trying to promote their new helicopter at the Thanksgiving Parade in New York, or is it just a 208!?

sarcasm is intended


@AsorbMC I saw that! I wonder why FR24 has it come up as a Helicopter…


It is a NYPD Helicopter (Or a C208 From the Federal Government - Transmitting Stuff).


It’s likely owned by a news station filming the parade


I know there’s a missing submarine so that could be the case of why they are there.


It has to be a helicopter because I don’t know of any C208’s that are stationed at ISP, and ISP has numerous helicopters stationed there (medical, news, police, private, etc.)


It think thats a bit wrong


I think it may be NBC’s. I’m watching the Parade on NBC and they keep cutting to Helicopter shots.