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Saw it flying over my house 2 days ago. Came all the way from the Dubai Airshow


US Department of Justice Prisoner Transport flight on final to KOKC


The New, First Qantas 787-9 is once again in the air from Melbourne to Perth

In a few days, me and my cousin are going on a road trip from Brisbane to Perth, and will be in Perth in about a week. We are going to spot the new Qantas 787-9 landing or taking off at Perth airport. I’m pretty Pumped!


A Delta 777-200(ER) going from Amarillo to Atlanta. Anyone have an idea what would be the cause behind this?


Ethiopian 787-9 being delivered


Flight time almost 15 hours! Direct to Addis


Diverted to Melbourne due to a medical emergency heart attack :(


Pray the person is ok.


Never seen this before.


First time I’ve seen an Allegiant Air aircraft coming into JFK. And it seems to be a regularly scheduled flight too.


They are training a new pilot it appears


I don’t think it’s regularly scheduled. If it were, it should have the average flight time below the progress bar, but that isn’t there. The call sign is also a bit odd, so it’s unlikely it’s a normal flight.


Spotted the RAF aircraft just leaving Britain I think it’s going to deliver aid to other country’s


The army use it to transport troops aswell amongst other uses such as transporting the PM. We make use of all these aircraft very well.


Someone went to the bar before flying… 🍻


Fast… not the first thing to come to mind when I think of a 208.

EDIT: look at the registration.


I heard about that. Pretty sad. My mum is doing that flight in a week…



Might be for the missing submarine!


Yeah my dad’s flight was the next scheduled flight on that aircraft (Sydney to Perth) but it was delayed 4 hours so Virgin was able to move him to an earlier flight with only one seat left.