Flightradar24 Findings


It’s usually a small glitch with the ADS-B servers which FR24 uses.


possible return to JFK (the aircraft flew over my house not too long ago )


anyone know why boeing has this


can’t wait


I don’t think it’s Boeing’s. BFI is an airport open to all. It could be a plane belonging to an employee or some random guy just flying around.


I see it often on flight radar 24


You’re drunk 757, go home! 😂


Bunch o boeing!


Its fixed @and_till


Nice catch - they’re actually used to provide wifi in more rural areas. Look it up - it’s a moonshot Project by google!


It’s like when you’re half done with a short haul and then your mum comes in and says that pizza is ready so you have to put the plane on nav and eat then you come back and you’re 200nm away from your destination RWA edition


They were too busy on their phones… again!


First off, I know this isn’t flight radar, but this is the most relevant topic to post something in, so here it is:

Weird Gate system in Istanbul:



Wow that pilot might be fired


This is where they could’ve gone, if it was still open 🙃


Two 767s of the same airline flying at the same speed, same altitude and very close together.


Mate they’re the same plane…



Really cool. Crossing the Atlantic from Norway, heading to Iceland possibly.


KLM Cargo plane!