Flightradar24 Findings

The very first EgyptAir 787 doing some flight testing!


Nice to see that some of these birds are still flying:)


I wonder what they are testing?

I thought they ceaeed operation?

What the hell is he doing!!


I’m glad there are airlines still operating A343 with no retirement plans!!

I just love this plane!!

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That is Germania Flug, which is independent from Germania

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Garuda Retro “Hockey” Livery is on the way to Sydney. If anyone wants to spot him 😀. I think it’s nice livery you can shot


My Daily Flightradar24 findings! There is two of them!

  • Recently Citijet Airways gave a way a few Avro aircrafts to Aer Lingus. This happened a year ago. It operates daily routes to London City or Paris. This find features the awesome “New” livery used by Aerlingus. ☘️

  • This is the first time seeing a flight from Warsaw to London Heathrow, with a Boeing 787-9 ( SP-LSD ). They originally operate these routes using the Boeing 737 MAX. This is from the cause of the Boeing 737 MAX Groundings, in relation of the 2 Past Air disasters featuring the New 737 MAX Aircrafts. These aircrafts are replaced with the older ones to prevent any further crashes, like this one.

More Information about the Boeing 737 MAX Groundings: Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and Boeing 737 MAX Groundings Tracking Thread

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I have found the fourth and final retro livery for BA

And the Marvel livery from Alaska Airlines
A rare Alaska Airlines aircraft at KPDX
Busy day at JFK

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Found a plane leased from Transavia in the US, operating like transavia by some wired reason while it is a Sun County airlines operated aircraft


Transavia often wet leases their 737-800s to Sun Country. I’ve seen this many times before myself

Found these WN MAX-8’s all heading to VCV

All these MAX’s coming to the graveyard

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Have a nice landing TEST12!

It never left

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Are they scrapping them?!


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Of course not

Just temporary storage, as some of their 737s could have been left in climates unsuitable for storage.

What’s going on here? Drone?



A wonderful looking 7 year old Azerbaijan Boeing 767 on approach to Dubai.

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Quite a few private jets approaching Kennedy currently

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This A300B4 is 36 years old!