FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

Nope, you can use the filter feature at the bottom to get that

it’s permanently borrowing it

Does anyone know how I can find information about this particular airplane?

maybe search ‘mig-29’ followed by the airport it launched from because maybe that’s where it’s based and the airport may know something about the mig

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Planefinder.net seems to have more information about such aircrafts (at least here in Germany it often shows traffic not (named) on FR24.

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It’s extremely foggy here in Hilo.

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Haven’t seen this before

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Interesting that they nonetheless went for what looks like a visual turn, but probably needed due to the terrain and wind situation and made possible by an improved visibility. Looks interesting!

Both of the Qatar OneWorld A350s within miles of each other in the US, that’s gotta be rare


There’s some fog in San Diego causing several diversions.

This United 737 from Washington IAD diverted to LAX then flew LAX-SAN but had to divert to LAX again.



COVID-19 is everywhere including this 747

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🦎 + ✈️ =


What is this???

Yeah the fog was bad again last night
Even here

Looks like that United flight got in successfully this time!

Again, @Pingu. I wonder why this happens every so often.

Aye yoooo da DJI Mavic landing in Boston Intl 😳😳😳


Wtf what the