FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

And the tsunami warning and this plen

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still kinda weird seeing such a large plane being used on such a short flight

They probably fly Singapore-Vancouver-Seattle

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That’s what they do.

What did Ryan do 😢


Maybe it’s a compliment because Ryan has a very long and effective… pilot tube


This TAP A321neo mas just gone around for the 4th time at Madeira apparently due to winds (170º at 14 kts, variable between 130º and 190º)
I wonder if they’re gonna keep trying or just divert to somewhere (probably Canary Islands since winds at Porto Santo are also really bad) before fuel ends
I feel quite bad for the passengers ngl

There are also a BA A320neo (currently holding) and a TAP A319 inbound, which are probably gonna divert too if the winds don’t change

Edit: The A321neo has just landed at Porto Santo and the A319 successfully landed at Madeira a few minutes ago. The BA A320neo seems to be leaving the hold now

The wind is apparently not very strong but it is above the wind limits at the airport, it’s another “normal” day in Madeira :)


It isn’t but the direction variability seems to be the problem

On the charts there are wind limits in each direction, if it is exceeded no one lands there, the limits were made in 1964 with a DC-3, they are more than exceeded for the new planes

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joystick jokes incoming

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I’m just hoping this won’t get deleted… XD

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Ummm…. 😳

Staying in Key West right now and the weather isn’t exactly pretty. Heavy rain and winds

Scaled 351 stratolauncher just taking off on its 3rd flight!

6 engines!

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Cool right?

Hey how are you doing @NYFLFlyer22 what is a reposition flight and what is a ferry flight

Same thing, it means that an airline needs an aircraft in a different place so it flies with no passengers to get there.


Ohhh okay I kinda thinking that but I was not sure that why I was asking, thank you for telling me @Tucker_Ryan

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As you might know, a terrible volcanic eruption occurred in TONGA.

First I’d like say how sorry I feel for the losses caused by the eruption 🙏😢

Then, you can CLEARLY see the ash cloud on Flight Radar 24 that spans more than 4500 km off the volcano.

Some aircraft are avoiding to clouds

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