FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

OK I checked local news in Brest:
The passengers and crew started to notice some burnt smell on board, coming from the rear of the aircraft, then smoke appeared and the decision was to turn the aircraft around. A lot of firefighters and police from the whole region were sent to the airport.
Passengers said there was no panic at all.


Whats up with this flight?

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If you ever find an unknown aircraft on Flightradar24 you can go to globe.adsbexchange.com and find it there!

glad to see this flight still around!

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And upgraded to the 350 from the 777

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Still confused about if Korean has brought back their pax 748โ€™s. Yes itโ€™s a high flight number but it was parked at the pax terminal yesterday

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When real life mimics Infinite Flight


I think itโ€™s cargo, because now a B77W which was in Columbus before, is flying the route with the same flight number the B748 had a few days ago. Donโ€™t know why it parks at the Terminal though

An FBI G550 departing DCA

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The heck


For when the A220 comes:

One of the shortest A220 routes is between Riga (EVRA) and Palanga (EYPA). It has been operating again for a bit now after a lengthy break.

An even shorter one is the only Latvian domestic service between Riga (EVRA; AirBaltic HUB) and
Liepaja (EVLA; AirBaltic Flight Academy). However, this service is currently suspended but is supposed to resume shortly.

Not even close to ORD during its regular operations. And people still donโ€™t believe that ORD is busier than ATL lol


Bread ๐Ÿ‘


For one second I thought they were current :(

If only they were :(

(heres more btw)





Iโ€™m not really bothered by the aircraft retirement at all for some reason.๐Ÿ˜‚

I dreamt of earning enough money one day to fly the A380 though, and since I am still 4-8 years away from finishing my studies (depends on if I do the master degree or not) and earning a real salary, it will get hard aside of Emirates

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