FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

surprised they didn’t take their 747

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it’s not theirs, it’s boeing’s but painted with the seahawks

That would be epic if it was their what if you went plane spotting and you see them taking off lol

Quite so


A 773 that diverted from EWR to IAD, arriving from SFO due to weather now holding for EWR due to weather, again.

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In addition, an AA A321N resuming its flight to DCA from IDK after an AA E175 decided it should close down 2 runways at DCA

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@Hopperbolic is on downwind into KSEA after a flight from HNL! How was the flight?

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We are hostile unless you come bearing gifts in the form of Sigma 600 MM lens(s)

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Wow a 43 year old DC-10! These birds are getting old!

Nice surprise. Thanks for tracking me 😃

This just flew over… what is it doing?

Well this doesnt seem right…

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probably troops heading out there, but also maybe a malfunction on the aircraft?

never knew the 700 flew this route from santa ana

I saw that. I am very dizzy after watching it in 3D


Does anyone know what this airplane is doing? It’s been island hoping from Seletar.

Patriots landing at… McGuire???

Probably a delivery flight. Allegiant taking over a Peach A320


Thanks! I was wondering if it was a charter or something but it makes sense that it’s a delivery flight as Allegiant frequently buys second hand aircraft.