FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

Yep, that’s a delivery flight and they aren’t carrying any passengers or cargo, it’s fuel and like 2 pilots

Where in Europe?

If it’s over 7 or 8 hours they will have a 3rd and maybe even a 4th pilot onboard

Lots of circling coming into JFK right now. Word is the control tower has a water leak so they have to space planes out.

whats this?

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A 747 flying from Anchorage to Mojave 👍🏼

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That plane was leased to Flynas in July 2019 for the Hajj pilgrimage season.

ER-BAC also has a very interesting operator history…

It first flew for South African, then Transaero. A month before Transaero went bankrupt, the plane was sent to Kabo Air, a Nigerian charter airline. Kabo Air got shut down by Nigerian authorities over unpaid debts and the plane was sent to Eaglexpress Air Charter, a Malaysian charter airline. During its time at Eaglexpress, BAC was leased to Flynas for a month in 2016 (most likely for Hajj). Curiously, Eaglexpress shut down the same year and the plane was sent to Terra Avia.


Hello there 👀


nothing special but I guess I can consider myself lucky

since IB6824 restarted it was always flown by the A330-300 and just tomorrow, the day I’m flying it, it is gonna be flown by the A350-900

only flew this aircraft once in my life and I don’t quite remember how it was, so it’ll be nice to enjoy the experience for a second time


let’s play another round of funky approaches!!

Gotta love the day you leave it always rains!!!

how about let’s go south to Salt Lake City!!!


Someone failed Geography class


that and also some big storms

never seen any deviations like this before

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I actually made a topic about that a couple years ago lol

Somewhere I forgot

A pleasant surprise 👀

(S)He’s a person of commitment and sheer will


@Wattsup_jet doing the fly thing to Hawaii


the flight to Hawaii gets to you (speaking from experience here)

it feels like it takes ages

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With American and their rather typical delAAys, it doesn’t just feel like it takes ages, it actually takes ages.