FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

NASA DC-8. I wonder what they could be doing with a DC-8…

These UAV’s are back again. Also this US Marshals aircraft. Never seen one before.

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Rare 24L arrival at lax



And 2 BA GVA-LHR flights which were parked at the same satellite


Today, Zara Rutherford flew the last leg of her journey around the globe. Departing from Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF/EDFE) (Swiss001s home airport I believe) and arriving at Kortrijk-Wevelgem (KJK/EBKT).

When she entered Belgian airspace, she was joined by 4 Belgian Air Force SF-240M Marchetti’s flown by the Red Devils Display Team who flew in a V-formation with her (Zara being the lead pilot).

She departed Kortrijk on the 18th of August 2021, 155 days ago.

My topic about it.


A plane from the Russian government just landed 30 mins ago too

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Hey, I just saw this plane on Flightradar24. I am very confused, I thought PanAm didn’t fly anymore.

PanAm Airbus A300 or A310.


This the plane that will take the 49ers to Green Bay?

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Yep, it is!

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That photo is from 1998 and that plane has not had another photo of it be posted on Jetphotos. Because of this, the photo hasn’t been updated. And no PanAm doesn’t fly anymore.

Also, welcome to the IFC! If you have any questions please message me and I will help you.

thanks! I was just wondering why there was a PanAm Airbus plane flying around my area.

Two USAF KC-135R Stratotankers over Turkey. Military Training?

Sioux Falls is a regional airport, but it has an international flight.

Calgary has pre-clearance for customs in the US so a customs facility isn’t needed in Sioux Falls. That means it’s still able to be called a regional airport.

Not sure why it’s not popping up, but as of this post the plane is currently flying. First MAX for a Chinese carrier to fly since 2019, doing some test flights as the MAX gets close to re-approval in China

I am very confused…

Probably some other aircraft that now uses the same registration as that A300 back then and someone has added that old picture to Jetphotos at some point, which is why it’s used for that aircraft on FR24

Well, this will be interesting…


Well done. 👏


A Global Hawk out of Al Udeid AB in Abu Dhabi doing things over Ukraine