FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

Pictures when he past on my city lol

I suggest you look at the sun air callsign

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Now boarding flight Q-X-2-2-2-2 to Billings!


Belavia livery + 737 MAX 8 = 👌

2 groups of F-16s spotted near Venice, Italy.

an Italian Air Force variant of the AgustaWestland AW139 flying around Cervia Air Force Base

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Apparently, the UK CAA is suspending the Belarus Flag Carrier Belavia.

Continuing on from yesterday’s event, BAW261 (LHR-ISB) was scheduled to fly to Islamabad and would fly through Belarus airspace, however, before they entered Belarus airspace, they are now diverting to DME (Moscow)


TBIT West Concourse expansion opened today!
Don’t know why Frontier is using it tho 😂

Private jet flying from Austin to … Okinawa AFB? 🧐

wait what how can the CAA suspend a belarusian airline

Yeah, it’s kind of weird how they’re organizing airlines there. Sun Country, Hawaiian, and Allegiant are also moving to the MSC.

Frontier’s abandoning LAX in four months, so it won’t matter much for them.

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I have no clue, however, I do have a link to that!

Breaking: The UK CAA Suspends Belarus Flag Carrier Belavia - Simple Flying

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Now it went to DMA (Davis Monthan AFB) from Tucson Int

The Antonov AN-124

Didn’t know about Frontier
That’s weird. Probably expanding at ONT then

Yup, more flights at ONT and they just added BUR-PHX/DEN/LAS

Welcome to the fleet TF-ICP!

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@KTJ_Mitchell There was a second delivery today!

I would like to welcome N8813Q to the family!


This might be fun to fly!

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Right back at you with a 3rd delivery, along with Icelandair’s 2nd of today, complimenting their MAX-8!


@Maximilian1805 2 Beauty’s 🥰

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I know Ontario to San Salvador was going to be with Frontier. Now it’s Avianca tho

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