FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

flightlab A350

cool callsign flying in uk

probably some eurofighter or smth idk

cool looking C130 livery

Luxembourg Army Air Force’s only A400

Belgian Air Component NH90 heli

Swedish Air Force Saab S100D
German police Vulcanair P68

ooh new A321neo

Polish Air Force L-410

and finally a flight of 5 Saab SK60s of the Swedish Air force flying Northbound, west of Stockholm

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Is the 1st picture a UFO sighting?!

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Is this a regular flight?

The once a year 26L departures being used for some reason. 26R is noted as closed on NOTAMs.

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Yep, take a look here. I didn’t know about it till i saw this

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Actually not rare anymore, 25L has been closed for a few months due to construction/repairs and so all arrivals for the south complex are landing on 25R

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It’s still closed? That started like 2 years ago lol

Yes, it closed on February 26th and will reopen sometime in early May/late April

And they still won’t reassign runway numbers lol

🚨 Frontier A319 flying in today 🚨 lol

That AeroLogic plane literally took off from 25L in the picture

It’s a daily service on the later flight from March 7th to April 12th, when they are retired from the F9 fleet.

That’s not possible, it was crossing 25L and actually departed 25R.

Must be recent. We haven’t had them for months

I think the orange livery has to be favorite amongst the WheelsUp B350 fleet.

Yep. They’ve only been back in the fleet around a month now.

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They’re being retired at some point right? When will that be?

April 12th, get them while you can!

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Thanks! I think I might be able to spot one of them over spring break!