FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

Yay! I found the airplane I flew first flight hour in.

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Looks like they relaunched flights a while ago. Not sure what the Malta stuff is about though.

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Stars wars

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cargo flight?


Most likely a (wet) lease operator, or lessor of the plane in use. Many such companies are based in Malta. @FlyIf_0011IFPA

Just a guess, but probably related to the upcoming restrictions imposed by the Canadian Gouvernement (I linked a similar article on WestJet below), which describes it very well: @CaptainZac

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Big snow storm up in Flagstaff


On my house

What the heck?!

It is n flightaware24, he has this option

The leasing companies from Malta make sense

For Air Canada, the U.S. isn’t affected by the new restrictions today. It looks like Air Canada has been operating passenger A330-300s from Montréal to Fort Lauderdale for a while now though.


Sorry what?

Found a 52 year old DC-8!

Those are cargo flights, if that’s what you mean

No, it is like the same plane, from the same take off airport and they go to the same airport

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Different planes, different airlines, different altitudes. 🤷

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Interesting, thanks for clarifying!
Probably then either because of a reduced frequency or high belly cargo demand, right?

Do you know what The Island Hopper is? It is operated by United Airlines, and its goes


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Looks like a part of their Pacific Fleet is doing some cargo flights!

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