FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

FlightRadar24 Findings, Part 3


Hey all! Welcome to the third segment of FlightRadar24 findings. This place is to share what interesting things you found!

First off, a few rules:

Please avoid being off topic, it doesn’t help with the thread.

If you have multiple pictures post them at once, this way the thread can last longer!

Otherwise, that’s it! Have fun everyone!

I’ll start off with an example of what to post, here’s what I found:

Looks like JFK is finally getting back to rush hour traffic 😍


To everyone else who tried posting Part 3 of this topic: Sasha was first, congrats! 🎈


Oops, I just submitted the same thread 😳

Let’s goooooo

Surprising that Shorts aircraft are becoming rare these days


São Paulo (SBSP/CGH & SBGR/GRU) returning to a somewhat normal

Homespotting intensifies

Missed it by 15 minutes, and had the topic ready for a week. Big F.


Some nice Heli action! They are finally doing the WTC tour!

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Part 3 already?

Air Antwerp is continuing it’s operations to London City! They haven’t flown ever since London City closed due to COVID-19, now that the airport reopened they’re resuming operations.

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This plane took off from Shannon, Ireland, and is now over northern Kansas, idk what this is 🤷‍♂️

SoCal airports waking up for the start of the week

Omni Air International military charter

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Ah, ok. I wonder where they are going 🤔

A B772 coming out ot storage/maintenance!


A soon to be route on United from Newark on Delta’s B763.

Probably depressurisation

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Da hecc

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“No, your flight is not delayed, we just moved you to a different flight” lol

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that annddddddd that plane took off from Marana Pinal Airport which is a storage lot, flew to PHX which is like 5 minutes and now is going to San Salvador. Charter maybe?

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idk, could be