FlightRadar24 Findings | Part 2

Found this overflying Long Island

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I didn’t know EVA Air has a flight training academy.

I have flown this 172 before

Found 2 JetBlue liveries at Jfk

I love this plane one of my fav classicswith a sleek lookin black paint

Randomly clicking airplanes and I found this

Corendon/FR24 seems to have some ongoing issues with this. They started many new routes on the 1st of July and FR24 doesn’t seem to have managed to connect the callsign with the routes yet. Probably also an issue with how Corendon sets up their transponders, but as other airlines have similar issues I think it’s more related to the new routes and how FR24 deals with that.

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VERY interesting find! “HULK53” is showing as an unknown aircraft on FR24, but showed as a helicopter on Adsb-exchange. The weird part about this is that it’s at 27,000feet, flying at about 350kts. It also seemed to have departed from Langley afb in Virginia, flown south to about abeam Myrtle Beach, then turned around and gone all the way back to the north where it is here. I’m thinking it could be a drone maybe? What type of helicopter could be military/government and at 27,000 flying for over 3 hours? I need answerssss


Bunch of pop-up thunderstorms (Orlando) this time of year, but I would’ve thought diversions would’ve gone to Tampa. Interesting.

Eastern B767-200 inbound to March ARB from Minneapolis Int’l

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That’s pretty awesome!

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Yeah hopefully they become a true airline again. They only do charter flights right now.

Hey, at least their still flying 😂

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Unlike MiamiAir 😬

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It’s most likely cargo, if you look at the past flights, it’ll likely continue onto London Heathrow. They’ve also been operating a flight from Los Angeles to Dublin to Heathrow, though these may end soon with the resumption of their passenger services restarting this month.

Might be wrong, but I believe Eastern relaunched officially in January with their “inaugural” flight from Guayaquil to New York. They do charter flights as well, but also focus on passenger services (which are likely suspended right now).


Yep, I think Eastern is resuming scheduled passenger services with Miami to Guayaquil tomorrow and plans to launch New York JFK to PAP next week.


Oh ok. I knew they restarted, thanks for the info!

Great to see a semi-dead airline starting to return!

A decade has passed and Alitalia still didnt bother to repaint this aircraft.

Ok then…

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randomly found the beautiful BA A350

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