FlightRadar24 down?

None of the planes are showing. I’ve tried going to the site/app and on the site it says unable to connect or on the app it just keeps thinking. Any ideas

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Been down since the start of the day on some areas. They said they are working on it but appears there is no solution as of right now


Okay I lied, part 2,
it fully works now lol

“We’re experiencing issues with our network providers, which is limiting access to our services from many locations worldwide. Some users are still able to access our services and we’re working with our providers to restore access for everyone else.”

Hope it’s back soon! No service in LA😢.

Wasn’t working for me all day (the app), then started working for me a little bit ago, and now it’s not. 😕


yep .
1 hour ago i still could see aircrafts on the radar above indian subcontinent but it went down so…😐😐😐😐 WHAT DID U DO TO MY RADAR 😢

It’s working for me now!

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Try PlaneFinder as an alternate.

I’m going to need this as I drive to St. Louis tomorrow. I drive right next to ORD and want to see the planes in the sky while driving through corn fields. Chicago and Milwaukee don’t have flightradar24 up. Hoping it comes back.

Not only that, I couldn’t use Twitch as well or discord

It’s working again. Someone can close this