Flightradar24 and Liveatc.net

So guys I have this question…I’ve seen posts about flightradar and liveatc.net but does anyone else beside me use both at the and time? Let me explain:

Listening right now to live ATC Denver tower (I could listen to this all day)

Watching flightradar24 while I listen to Denver tower

So what I do is tune in to live ATC in Denver airport AND just sit and watch FlightRadar and when I hear an aircraft I try and locate it on the radar map as shown above. It’s so fun looking at the airplanes moving and flying and hearing the ATC talk to them and hearing the callsign of the very aircraft you’re looking at. I am literally watching real time these little planes on my screen and hearing the pilots sitting in the little planes 😂 it just holds magic.
So here’s the question: do any of you do this? Have you tried it?


I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to open two tabs. ;)


I don’t think you understand what this thread is about ;)

Oh, I see. Yes, I have used both at the same time.

I use both at the same time very frequently actually.


I look at charts when I’m using LiveATC.net, to “study”.


It’s really really enjoyable.


I have both apps on my iPad so I do it on just the one device. Ussually use it to track family or just when I’m bored.

lol I do it when I’m in the mood for some ATC aviation. Thanks for sharing.

I do to, especially when I’m spotting

You’re not the only one. I do it also, it’s just cool to hear, understand and see what is happening. If you want to be even better: Look at the Airport Camera if available.

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Oh I defintely so this!

I can’t find a link to Denver international airport cams unfortunately

Yep my thoughts exactly :)

I use both at the same time to monitor real world traffic while I’m controlling in IF.

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That’s a swell idea

I do this all the time. Usually when I’m really bored in my room with the lights off

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Yes i use both when monitoring other airports but not in my country. Apparently Singapore’s frequency is no longer broadcasted on liveatc but flight radar still works.

All the time I love listening and watch LAX ground

Trust me I do it all the time!!

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