FlightRadar different colors, why?

as the title says, someone knows why some planes are pink and the other yellow? thanks for the help

I think the pink ones have a 5min delay as far as radar coverage concerns. So the position shown is not the actual position. Not sure though.


The yellow icons mean the data is processed in real time via MLAT and ADS-B.
The orange icons mean that due to the use of FAA data (located in the USA) there is a 5 minute delay (FAA regulations).
So aircraft in orange, you are getting their data via FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and they have it on a 5 minute delay.


FR24 explains why some of the planes are orange coloured

Thank you,very clear.

can you tell me where? I could not find it.

It’s heading should be “FAA” the top one if you followed the link :)

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